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The Genius of Play | It's More Than Play!

The Genius of Play, a non-profit initiative by The Toy Association, released their Emotional Wellness Playbook last year, filled with engaging resources to support children's emotional health.

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the “Emotional Wellness Playbook”! You are about to discover a carefully curated collection of play-based activities that are designed to help kids develop emotional intelligence and learn to express their feelings in a healthy way — while having fun! Play is one of the best ways to teach kids just about anything, and expressing emotions is no exception. From learning to cope to building resilience and practicing empathy, learning to manage emotions helps little hearts grow bigger and stronger, building the foundation for a healthy adulthood. What’s more, play is an excellent tool to promote relaxation, encourage positive emotions, and provide moments of joy to offset and relieve life’s everyday stresses — for both kids and adults! Brought to you by The Genius of Play, the "Emotional Wellness Playbook" has been created in collaboration with Talia Filippelli, a recognized mental health expert, founder of Starr Therapy, and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Every activity includes step-by-step instructions and a quick summary of the play benefits it provides. Depending on your child’s age, some activities may require adult help and supervision. For more emotional wellness ideas, visit and follow @GeniusofPlay on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy the Playbook! The Genius of Play Team

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