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Where the Curiosity Begins

    Kytriena Payseno is a seasoned and passionate arts educator who has dedicated the last 30 years to fostering creativity and growth in individuals of all ages. Her journey began in an after school arts enrichment class, where she discovered her love for the arts and honed her skills through formal education, earning a B.A. in English & Theatre from Metropolitan State University of Denver and an M.A. in Acting from The University of Essex-East 15 Acting School.

     As a creative visionary, Kytriena has established several successful arts organizations, including SpeakEZ, Glass Moon Theatre Company, Ojai Arts Conservatory, and is an associate creator of Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio. She has formed meaningful partnerships with companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Creative Dance Kids, Inspire Talent, One Night Stand Theatre, and many others. Her tireless efforts have reached thousands of private, public and charter schools, as well as in our 50+ communities nationwide.

     Kytriena's passion lies in being an arts educator, and her mission is to plant the seeds of growth wherever she goes by pairing professional artists with the youth and adults in communities. In addition to her work as an arts educator, she also excels as an acting coach, producer, director,  actress and model, appearing in several theatre productions, movies, commercials, and TV shows. Her unwavering commitment to the arts and her community has earned her a reputation as a visionary and inspiration to many. 

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