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Classes and Courses

Future Hearts, Minds, and Dreamers (FHMD) proudly differentiates itself as an art enrichment program, enhancing classrooms from preschool through 12th grade and within our seniors’ communities. We offer content-rich classes onsite or online to provide wholesome instruction and proven teaching techniques to our emerging youth and special populations.

Our fully qualified Teacher Artists are passionate working professionals in their specified medium who inspire, motivate, and guide their unique students through tailored class curriculums. We understand that learning happens through exploration, practical knowledge, and self-reflection. FHMD instructors create immersive environments for the ever-absorbing minds of our participants. Our class offerings are designed to provide an array of subject matter, with the ultimate objective of reaching the full creative potential of each participant in our program.

Future Hearts, Minds, and Dreamers works with each site to provide flexible scheduling, innovative teaching, and communicative professionalism in all circumstances. In the event that we need to cancel a class, a make-up class will be added to the end of a session. Not all classes may be offered on site in your area but we are happy to provide online courses when applicable.

Creative Drama/Improv

Creative Drama or Improvisation is the inventive foundation of play for All Ages! Participants will get their creative juices flowing by learning to use their imagination to produce characters and stories through teamwork and problem solving. Participants will not only gain and sharpen their theatre skills but will exercise memorization and projection which will help them succeed in all areas of life! This program provides confidence boosting exercises, friend inspiring games, and innovative short scenes in a judgement free zone. Our instructors work uniquely with each age group, providing age appropriate material that is sure to spark skills such as inventiveness, dramatic structure, public speaking, and brainstorming.


Hip Hop Dance

Do you find your child moving and grooving to any beat they hear? On the other hand, do you find that rhythm just doesn’t come naturally to your child? Hip Hop is an exciting way to motivate All Ages into coordinated movement! Instructors teach the principles of hip hop dance including rhythm, sequencing, and basic terminology as well as choreographed dances to today’s most popular pop songs. Dancers of all levels learn important skills such as pattern recognition, music awareness, and physical expression. There is a final performance in the last class of the session for participants to share their dance with family and friends.


Looking for a photography workshop without the need of a fancy camera or complicated terms? We believe it doesn’t matter what camera is used as much as shooting pictures that express authenticity and inspire point of view. In photography class, participants of All Ages work on self motivated projects as photojournalists. Instructors teach shooting techniques, history, terminology, science of a photograph, recognition of famous photographers, and project management. We offer a variety of concentrations suited to each individual that range from storytellings, portraits, to publicity! Participants must provide a digital device to take pictures with (ie. digital camera, cellphone, ipad).


Hip Hop vs. Shakespeare

Whether you’ve never stepped on a stage before, or have already been bitten by the acting bug, this class with the Bard is a one of a kind experience for participants 10 and Up. When we think of Shakespeare, we typically think of old-fashioned language. However, current and past pop culture is actually immersed in the Shakespearian verse. We see Shakespeare’s effects in some of the most influential Hip Hop artists over time! With this class, participants learn inventive techniques, text analysis, writing and speaking elements while delving into poetic history. Participants must provide writing materials.

Musical Theatre/Glee Club

No matter your child’s vocal range or voice type, Musical Theatre students learn to confidently harness their performing styles through development of singing, acting, and movement techniques. Throughout the session, instructors offer guidance and support as participants practice to perfect their creative character and musical song of their choice. All Ages are welcome to design their own musical performance while learning skills like healthy vocal qualities, music theory, and creative expression through song.

Piano on Stage

Film Production

Your child could be the next Steven Spielburg, Kathleen Kennedy, or Spike Lee! In FHMD’s Film Production class, students of All Ages create industry inspired projects such as: talk shows, music videos, training videos, sketch comedy shows, etc. Each participant decides which type of film production they would like to create. With guidance from the instructor, students learn camera techniques to work behind the scenes, as well as, acting techniques to work on camera to create their award winning project. This class encourages skills of project management, brainstorming, practical thinking, and team building.

Play Production

Future Hearts, Minds, and Dreamers is bringing the theatrics of Broadway to All Ages! Instructors work with each class, in their unique terms, to offer the opportunity to create and produce an on-site play. Theme specific lesson plans assist students throughout the entire production process. Teachers bring their expertise of dramatic structure, character development, ensemble skills, stage techniques and basic terminology while sharpening the students’ self confidence, cognitive skills, and creativity. Sites/Participants must pay for the rights and script printing.

Image by Matthias Wagner

Poetry/Spoken Word

This course explores culture and uses Spoken Word Poetry and Hip Hop to connect the personal with the political to open a dialogue with inspiring, vulnerable energy that is often missing from academic spaces. Instructors empower students 7 and Up, by empowering their voices through verse. Participants learn the skills of critical thinking, creative writing, self-confidence, democratic engagement. Participants must provide writing materials.

Junk to Art

Do you want to encourage your child to be more eco-friendly without crushing their creativity? This project based course is designed to do just that! In our Junk to Art class, All Ages design and create their own pieces of artwork by recycling and upcycling discarded items. Participants have hands-on guidance from FHMD’s professional Teacher Artists who inspire creative exploration, observation skills, and artistic design. You can expect your child to practice problem solving and clear communication as well. Participants must provide materials.

Girl Lacing Up Her Ballet Shoes


Ballet isn’t just about the tutus and toe shoes. In this beginner Ballet class, our instructors teach dancers of All Ages that are moving up from Pre-Ballet or Creative Movement. Participants learn proper technique and body awareness through posture and balancing practices. During the session, participants learn skills of discipline, communication, and physical expression that are taught with creative choreography and imaginative dances.

Jazz Dance/Broadway Dance

FHMD is proud to offer one of the most popular and well known forms of dance for All Ages! Our experienced instructors teach strength, flexibility, conditioning technique, and progressions including turns, kicks, and leaps. In this Jazz class, the dancers learn many fun and trendy dance steps, as well as important life skills like pattern and sequencing recognition, body, ensemble and music awareness, and basic terminology that can be applied to all forms of dance in addition to everyday life, and all that jaz

Image by Jordhan Madec
Painting with Watercolor

From Pencils to Paints

From Pencils to Paints is not your average art class where participants are allowed an expressive exploration of visual arts. Geared towards All Ages, this course utilizes various mediums such as pencils, charcoal, and paints. Creativity is highly encouraged as students are able to choose which medium best suits their artistic style. Participants learn about color mixing, various techniques, and how to formulate their creativity on paper. Self expression is of the utmost importance as we move through this class. Participants must provide materials.

Yoga Mindfulness Meditation

Teaching mindfulness to youth can create calm, level headed future leaders but who says we can’t have fun while doing it? This supportive introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness is designed for kids in grades PreK-12th. Participants enjoy access to fun, engaging classes that teach the basics of good health habits, mindful awareness, and positive perceptions. Through this session, participants practice breathing exercises, yoga poses, visualizations, relaxation activities, and we couldn’t call it fun without games! Our educated instructors teach resilience, empowering students through the toughest and most mundane experiences in life. Mats are not provided.

School Kids Meditating
Actors on Stage

Devised Theatre

This course is a creative way to unify even the most contrasting classmates. Participants of All Ages grade break off into groups and create a small scene to be performed. These smaller scenes come together to construct one concluded piece. The goal of this class is to explore Devised Theatre and how it can be used to tell a story, all while bridging the gaps between creative differences. Participants learn how to problem solve, work with a team, and communicate effectively. Creative expression and ownership can be carried from the class into everyday life. Participants must provide writing materials.

Creative Writing

From the frontal cortex, the hub of creativity, to pen and paper, this class offers a space for participants ages 5 and Up to learn and practice all forms of descriptive writing. Different writing styles of fiction, poetry, and drama are taught to the students, followed by time to practice these forms. Participants may also have the option to participate by sharing their work orally. Inspiring instructors invoke problem solving, observation and communication skills, layout design and, above all, creative exploration. Participants must provide writing materials.

Image by Clark Young
Comic Book Collection

Graphic Novel Creation

Participants ages 7 and Up have the opportunity to go beyond comic book creation and learn how to produce their own graphic novel! Using sequential art and creative writing, students learn to tell a plotted story on paper. Teacher Artists actively engage participants with creative techniques and skill sets that produce meaningful projects. You can expect your child to learn communication, observation, and problem solving skills while expressing themselves through their creation. Participants must provide writing materials.

Partner Dance Party

This course is a great option for our senior community as well as kids of All Ages. It doesn’t always take two to Tango as Partner Dance is taught with or without a partner. During the session, participants learn lead/follow skills and etiquette that will last a lifetime! Instructors choose from a wide spectrum of styles from the categories of Latin, Smooth Ballroom and Swing series. Dancers learn pattern and sequencing recognition, body, ensemble and music awareness, as well as basic terminology. Come tear it up on the dancefloor with us!

Traditional Folk Dresses

Folk Dancing

Folk Dancing is for everyone! In this cultural course, students learn a variety of types of folk dances including, but not limited to, line dances, free form dances, square dances, contra dances, scatter mixers, and circle dances. The choreography and accompanying music are from countries all over the world, such as Russia, Ghana, Israel, and the United States. This course is taught by starting with the basics, then building on that instruction until the students can do more and more complex dances. With our widely trained instructors, everyone can participate and all abilities are welcome!

Music Explorers

Calling all musicians! Whether your child has been practicing piano for years or only sings boldly in the shower, this class is designed to increase student potential at any age. Throughout this session, musicians of All Ages explore music through moving, singing, dancing, chanting, playing instruments, and using manipulatives. Our teachers create a curriculum of diverse music specifically designed to teach participants creative expression through use of their singing voice, instrument technique, and many different ways to move their bodies - all in a positive and encouraging environment.

Music Class

Storytelling through Tabletop Role Playing Games

Calling all fantasy enthusiasts! Participants 7 and Up are welcome to learn how to run tabletop role-playing games (RPGs). This course is great for creating friendships and sharpening storytelling skills that create unforgettable experiences. Using RPGs, students learn valuable skills that can be used in every part of life such as: character and story development, improvisation, empathy and listening skills, teamwork, public speaking and voice acting. Our imaginative instructors are ready to work with participants to bring fantasyland to life!

Fashion & Fiber Studio

Calling all fashionistas! This course introduces young designers 7 and Up, to tailoring, mending, embellishments, and reuse experimentation with an emphasis on updating and personalizing existing wardrobe pieces. Our instructors give their participants an in-depth look at the science and construction of the textiles that exist in our closets. While learning foundational skills in garment construction and exploring materials, students build skills in fashion research and drawing, altering existing garments, hand sewing, embroidery, and traditional textile techniques from across the globe. In order to develop a complex and broad view of possibilities for creating clothing and using textiles, explorations will focus not only the professional fashion world, but on fashion in everyday life––how people communicate through clothing and how we use fashion to express ourselves. Note: Sewing machines will not be used in the planning, demonstration or completion of any projects. No previous experience is required.

Fashion Sketch
School Girls During Workout

Manifest Wellness Planning

Ages 10 and Up are welcomed to develop a 7 day plan to Manifest Wellness in their lives. This class is a motivating resource to craft self-care rituals and establish aligned practices into participants’ daily routines for a lasting transformation. FHMD’s skilled instructors stockpile a plan with all the wisdom needed to intuitively create a personal mantra and morning routine, engage in a meditation practice and writing practice that suits individual styles. Participants learn how to cultivate their personal power to accomplish greatness in all aspects of life!

Gentle Yoga for Seniors

After accomplishing so much in life, it’s time for our 50 + communities to relax and slow down. This Gentle Yoga class is designed to improve balance and flexibility all while respecting the students’ limits. Our trained instructors will move through a series of poses to help specific body parts for each student personally. Because this class is not a strenuous workout, breathwork and meditation will also be offered to focus on relaxation and well being. Afterwards, participants can look forward to being stronger, more flexible, and less stressed.

Senior Yoga Class


AfroFusion is an exciting twist of Afrobeats with a mix of Hip Hop and Contemporary dance with a mix of other mediums. Participants of All Ages have the opportunity to get their body moving to African beats consisting of drums, guitars, and hard bass while learning about the history behind the dances, art and lyrics. Some of the moves like Gwara Gwara, Shoki, Azonto, and Kupe originate from countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and more! AfroFusion is fused with western, traditional and modern dances that will allow participants to express themselves through movement in an uplifting, cultural experience.

Online Culinary Arts

Looking for a class to curb your appetite? Participants of All Ages will log on and learn with a live professional cook from the comfort of your own kitchen! With step by step guidance from our teaching artists, you too can make delicious, healthy food to share with your family. This class is typically one hour long and satisfies even the pickiest of eaters. Participants will take away basic culinary skills as well as listening skills, independence, and a delicious bite to eat! Participants will be emailed their recipes and ingredient list at least 3 days prior to class to ensure they have time to gather all necessary items.

Cooking Eggs
Senior Woman Dancing

Balance and Stretch

FHMD’s Balance and Stretch class is designed to help All Ages feel great in their body. A trained instructor creates a specified curriculum for each class including modifications for each individual; we are serious when we say everyone is welcome! This class helps students bring attention to body parts that could use a little extra TLC while discussing why we need to target certain areas to release tension. Come join the movement to access physical improvement and mental clarity through balance and stretch.


Dance with us in a Zumba class and burn calories without even realizing it! FHMD offers popular Zumba classes that are versatile and open to All Ages or skill levels. Zumba choreography is set to salsa, reggaeton, merengue, and Cumbia music. Each basic rhythm has four core steps that keep the students moving! These simple steps, Latin beats, and a team environment create a fun and lively fitness experience for everybody. In this class, dancers learn important skills like pattern and sequencing recognition, body, ensemble and music awareness, as well as basic dance terminology. Come enjoy a total body cardio and aerobic workout!

Zumba Class
Woman Practising Pilates


Pilates balance, stretch, & strength combines yoga poses with Pilates exercises to strengthen and lengthen the body. In class, we flow from one exercise to the next, holdin balancing poses to work on stability as well as Pilates core exercises. This class is great for people needing to work on balance and stability. Pilates students of All Ages will learn resilience, positive perceptions, good health habits and mindful awareness. Our goal is to empower participants at home and in everyday life.

Imagination Dance

FHMD welcomes All Ages to release inhibitions in the liberating experience of improvisational dance. Improvisation is an essential tool in every dancer’s set of skills. In Imagination Dance class, participants are encouraged by our Teaching Artists to think on the spot and play off of their peers in a collaborative work space which creates feelings of accomplishment and inspiration every time. Dancers acquire skills like brainstorming, inventiveness, critical problem solving, pattern and sequencing recognition, body, ensemble and music awareness, as well as basic dance terminology. We hope to spark a creative flow from the brain to the body and vice versa.

Dancing Girl
Remote Learning

Themed Virtual Journey Days

Take a journey through a theme based class on Zoom! Participants ages 2-10, explore diverse subjects like zoo animals, different cultures, life underwater, and many more! Our inviting instructors teach students to use their mind, body, and voice to learn creative expression through games, dances, creative drama, pictures, stories, and multimedia. This course is designed to keep early childhood ages entertained, engaged and gain knowledge about a specific subject or theme. Students acquire skills like: critical problem solving, inventiveness, brainstorming, pattern and sequencing recognition, teamwork and basic terminology. Parents are expected to be in the room during class time and assist as need be.


It’s time to get R.O.W.D.I.E.! In this beginning level Cheerleading class, FHMD’s Teaching Artists introduce the basics of team cheer and step. Participants of All Ages learn a routine that mirrors a competitive cheer/step team while practicing in a fun and safe environment. Learning these elements help athletes gain effective body control while giving them an understanding of how to complete a cheerleading routine in its entirety. Skills like teamwork, inventiveness, brainstorming, pattern and sequencing recognition, body awareness, critical problem solving, and basic terminology, leaving students filled with spirit, physically and mentally!

Cheerleaders in Red
Laughing Yoga

Laughing Yoga

Everyone can do laughing yoga. Laughing yoga can be done in a chair, in a bed, or on the floor, sitting or standing. If you have breath and an imagination, you will benefit from laughing yoga. Laughing triggers the release of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin, which are joy, mood, and connection boosting hormones. Laughing lowers the stress hormones, adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine. Additionally, laughter yoga studies suggest that laughter increases secretion of cytokines that reduce inflammation, and decreases the secretion of cytokines that increase inflammation. Too much inflammation causing cytokines and too little anti-inflammatory cytokines is known as a cytokine storm, which causes poor immune response. The inflammation also travels to the brain, causing depression and other mental health problems. Laughing is good for your immune system, cardiovascular health, and mental health.


In this course, creators ages 10 and Up are inspired to write a screenplay for their very own hit movie, TV, or streaming series. Our professional instructors teach the ideas of screenwriting with an emphasis on storytelling and dramatic structure. Screenwriting class focuses on how core concepts of plot, character and conflict can be used to tell stories, as well as express one’s personal vision. Through readings, discussions, and writing assignments, students sharpen their creative skills and learn industry-standard screenwriting techniques. By the end of the session, participants can celebrate their creation of a screenplay that collectively demonstrates their idea transformed for the screen. Participants need to have access to screenwriting software (many are free online) and must provide writing materials.

Child Writing Notes
Recording Music

Radio/Podcast/Voice Overs

This class is designed for the vocal artists of All Ages, from cartoon characters like SpongeBob to the ever popular podcast voice of today’s Spotify craze. Our trained vocal instructors teach what it takes to create an iconic voice for any project. This course welcomes students to the world of Voiceover and guides them through breakdown acting, voices, scripts, and fully becoming the character. Participants are welcomed to let loose, have fun, and get their creativity flowing!

Foreign Language Arts

According to studies at Penn State, results show that people who speak more than one language have enhanced brain capabilities! With Future Hearts, Minds, and Dreamers, the craft of language arts is at your fingertips with a teacher who is fluent in foreign languages. We proudly partner with Teaching Artists who speak and teach languages like: Spanish, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, etc. All Ages are welcome to join this brain boosting course to aid in communicative skills all over the world!

Chalkboard with Different Languages
Martial Arts Class

Intro to Martial Arts

In an unpredictable world, it’s so important for our youth to be centered and protected. Join a trained Teacher Artist to learn the world of Martial Art that includes styles of Karate, Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. From punches and kicks, to self-defense and inner peace, this course teaches participants of All Ages to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Participants learn self-confidence and self-advocacy, as well as, body control, awareness, focus, mindfulness, practical self-defense, and a safety mindset.

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