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Marie Andrea Osterman (California)

Marie Osterman is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, movement, improvisation, writing, and directing theatre. Their work centers around generosity, queer embodiment, and politics of the body. Marie’s generative art combines her classically-trained background in theatre making elements with her experience teaching and studying contact improvisation with the mission of facilitating intimate and playful creative spaces. They believe in a theatre that empowers and emboldens participants and audiences alike-- a generous theatrical space that has room to hold what needs to be held, and ignite conversation and community. After graduating UCLA (acting & directing), they have stayed in Los Angeles, working as an actor, movement director, and freelance teaching artist (and, occasionally, a preschool teacher..) They are a longtime collaborator and associate managing director of Project Nongenue, a queer theatre company focused on centralizing the voices of women and marginalized identities within classical theater and mythology. Other passions include birds, pleasure activism, and looking at the moon.


Le’Tiger Walker (Georgia)

Le'Tiger Walker (Baton Rouge, LA) found a passion for dance at the young age of six. He began training at The Dancers' Workshop, home of Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre, where he was a pre-professional company member. Throughout his training he attended summer intensives on scholarship at BRBT, Debbie Allen Dance Academy, and Garth Fagan Dance Summer Movement Institute. While pursuing higher education at Loyola University of New Orleans he was offered and accepted the opportunity to join Garth Fagan Dance in Rochester, NY, where he danced professionally for five years. Most recently, Le’Tiger has returned to the south to share his creative talents and teachings.

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Eirin Stevenson (Pennsylvania)

I am writing to express my interest in becoming Teaching foe your organization. With over 5 years teaching pre-K through 8th grade in Baltimore MD and Washington DC, I have gained effective skills in creating a safe environment for self - expression. I believe these skills, combined with my enthusiasm to foster artist growth, makes me an ideal candidate for your company.

Some highlights from my current and past teaching experiences include:

Developing lesson plans on theatre arts fundamentals as well as social and individual positive self- expression.
Developing programming in service to school culture and student life. Running and operating in-school events including booking local artists for in-school workshops.
Conservatory style teaching of acting and stage vocal skills, International Phonetic Alphabet, Lessac Structural Lip, Opening, Body Awareness, Channel Resonators, Relaxation.

Beyond my teaching experience, I have a passion for handing the torch to the next generation of artists.
The priority in my teaching style leans toward encouraging young artists to explore their potential. I enjoy the challenge of teaching students academically but my focus is helping them to thrive as artistic creators. I anticipate opportunities to support the mission of your organization with this approach.

Padlet links of course curriculum, photos, and videos:


Alison Mezen (California)

Alison is an avant-garde artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Her international and academic studies bolstered her passions for resurrecting the divine feminine in the individual, community, and culture. She is the author of Mused Maenad, a conceptual photo and poetry book about healing the shadow through expressive art. Alison is also an experimental filmmaker, performance artist, and curator of multidimensional and transformational events/workshops. She currently holds her M.A. in Clinical and Depth Psychology.


Jazzmin Garland (Maryland)

Hi my name is Jazzmin Garland all my life I’ve been working with children I’ve taught at my church for 10 years as the president of a youth missionary group. Not only have I taught them in a way they’ve taught me. I’ve learned so many strategies on how to reach young people. And I feel like I can guide children into finding themselves through art.


Likisha Griffin (Georgia)

Likisha has 20 years of communications experience. Her creative work started as a young playwright, which evolved into an interest in film. In the 90s, she studied the art of storytelling and literature at Hampton University earning an undergraduate degree in English Arts. Later, she was a scriptwriting intern for "America's Most Wanted" television series by way of American University's film certification program. She has also worked as a set decorator for Bobby Huntley Films, "Connect" and "Auntie". (IMDb credits)


Diana Gallegos (Arizona)

I have been everywhere in education and arts. In my own time I enjoy choir, sewing, macramé and resin art. As a teacher I've taught grades k through 12 in engineering, drawing, theatre, choir and also spent some years with my own 3/4th grade class. I've directed multiple plays at the school level. I'm a published author, an award winning costume designer, and a mom. I have a bachelors in elementary education with a specialization in art/humanities. I believe that when we have a passion for the arts, it is part of who we are, and we must experience it and share it with the world.


Sierra La Rue (Colorado)

Sierra La Rue has been training in a variety of concert and commercial dance for 17 years at a variety of studios and schools. She danced competitively with The Dance Shop and Raising The Barre in Southern California for eight years before focusing her attention on ballet and jazz techniques and musical theatre performance and choreography. While in high school, Sierra performed in musicals such as Peter Pan, Oklahoma! And Freaky Friday the musical. She also choreographed musicals such as Aladdin Kids!, 101 Dalmatians Kids!, and assisted with choreographer Emily Dauwalder on a production of The Little Mermaid, in which she also performed. She trained with (adjective?) instructors Holly Copeland-Sherlock and Nichelle Bane at Encore Dance Centre for 3 years before moving to Colorado.


Natalie McEwen (Colorado)

Hi, my name is Natalie McEwen and I live in Fort Collins Colorado with my dog, Ava, and my cat, Cleo. I recently just got certified in 200 hour Hatha Yoga from the Om Ananda studio. I'm currently looking for employment opportunities as I work on building an aromatherapy business. I have an associates degree in integrative health as well as certifications in Jin Shin, Reiki, and Aromatherapy. I also have experience in floral design and absolutely love anything artistic/creative.


Ixchel Amor (California)

Hi, my name is Ixchel Marina Amor, I am a fine artist by profession. I been teaching Art for over 25 years, privately and in after school programs all over Southern California. It is a joy to enrich everyone with the world of Art me and my students have lots of fun learning new techniques and applying fun ideas into our artwork.


Aria Nunez (Pennsylvania)

I have come into my personal yogi practice at a difficult part in my life. I took my first class after an injury on my right arm, resulting in two-times a week physical therapy for a year. I was introduced to yoga properly by a friend who reassured me that the physical practice of yoga will alleviate my pain and slowly heal me. After several weeks of dedication and practice, my right arm started to gain strength and became 100% mobile. Not only was my physical strength challenged, my mental strength too. I didn't understand how mentally all over I was, and the anxiety of my short lived disability didn't allow me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I have come to love practicing yoga, and after a year of my personal growth regarding my very own practice, I took a teacher training course at the very studio I started practicing. Three years later, I continue to learn, while helping others find their physical and mental strength. Holding a proper space for students and peers is crucial to my evolution as a yogi.


Matia Ward (Maryland)

I have always felt the need to get back and teach art since I was younger. Even though both of my parents were artists., I never had an art teacher in elementary school on my interest really Pete. We would have someone from the outside coming into our school giving sessions once or twice a month and I really enjoyed those moments. I swore to myself that’s what I wanted to do when I grew up and I helped you to that as I got older. I remember thinking that it was never about being a famous artist, but I always inspiring the younger generation and to get their creative juices flowing. I’ve been extremely blessed in my educational career with having attended the institutes that I have as well as taught at the many schools that I have in the experiences with so many different types of students along the way and being able to share my experiences with them and work with them on their levels of art. I just wanted to continue to keep giving that to every student I come in contact with.


Talia Jaeger (Georgia)

Talia Rese Jaeger is a recent graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a BFA degree in Theatre Performance with a musical theatre concentration. Her college production credits include: Hope Cladwell (Urinetown), Tina/Fantasy Dancer (Sister Act), Gretchen (Sabrina Fair), & Pilar (A Park in Our House). She is the co-founder of FullOut, a dance collective that is dedicated to make FAU's theatre program inclusive to teach all styles of dance to all, whether experienced of beginner. Ms. Jaeger was also the assistant dance captain in FAU's Broadway Bent, as well as a principal dancer in numbers like "Money" from Cabaret and "Diamonds" from A Gentleman Prefer Blondes within the production.


Marisa Ervin (California)

Marisa Ervin is a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer originally from Akron, OH. She has been dancing since she was two years old, and started choreographing in 2017. Currently studying at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy achieving her BFA in Dance. She can be seen in multiple live and video performances such as "Move the World", and "Identity." She looks forward to continuously sharing her passions amongst other artists.


Emily Salvay (California)

Emily Salvay is a UCLA student and dance instructor. She has been training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop since she was four years old, and her favorite style is contemporary. She loves working with kids and passing on her love of dance.


Darrick F. Goodman (Georgia)

I'm Darrick Goodman a certified yoga instructor at the 200hr level. Been teaching for four years throughout the Atlanta area. It helped with my stress level by connecting with my breathing & movements. Being patient with myself understanding it's ok to begin again each day. I also have an additional training in mindfulness with trauma based populations. Being aware of a person's behavior / trauma is important to their growth & development mental & physical self's.


Kelli Burt (Pennsylvania)

Kelli is a certified yoga instructor, fashion designer, and a California girl at heart. She was introduced to yoga in 2013 after back injuries from soccer. A year later, her new passion led her to complete a 200hr Vinyasa Certification at CorePower Yoga in CA, along with a 50hr Extensions Certification and a 50hr Restorative Yoga Certification. With a continuous active lifestyle, Kelli did not shy away from physical injuries herself. This led her to more meditative practice and to teach yoga at local Rehabilitation Centers. Her class supports all levels, from beginners to athletes, and offers posture modifications- especially to students recovering from physical injuries. You can expect a laid-back West Coast energy woven into a lively and nourishing flow. When not in the studio, Kelli is loving up to her extremely overjoyed Siberian Husky.


Grace Vanetti (Washington D.C.)

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, where I trained as a competitive dancer in all disciplines from the ages of 2-17. While in high school, I attended a performing arts academy, where I was additionally trained in ballroom and modern dance styles. Starting in 2015, I began substitute teaching all disciplines of dance for all age levels, as well as traveling the country as a teaching assistant for West Coast Dance Explosion. I am currently enrolled as a dance major, with a pre-medical concentration at The George Washington University, and my anticipated graduation date is May of 2023.


Alexandria Bonnett (California)

Hello, I’m Alex Bonnett. I’m a Animation/Illustration major student at San Jose State University. I specialize in all forms of arts from visual to digital. I love to teach kids about how they can express themselves through their art and ways that they can make a change in an age where it really matters.


Anjana Ulahannan (California)

My name is Anjana Ulahannan. I have a bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development. I’m a passionate worker, dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere for children. I believe every one is capable of learning and that a students success in learning is a reflection of a teacher’s teaching capabilities, and not the student’s learning abilities. I was four years old the first time I danced on stage. From four to ten, my mom taught me Bollywood dances to perform bi yearly. When I turned ten, I began teaching my own choreography and continued to do so until the COVID-19 quarantine in 2020. I moved to San Francisco July 2021, and after graduating in December 2021, I finally have the chance to devote my time to dancing again. Aside from Bollywood, I also have experience learning and teaching hip hop and enjoy it more than anything.


Sarena Miller (Arizona)

Hello, my name is Sarena Miller. I’m from Tucson, and grew up loving all things art and yoga. I went to the University of Arizona and studied finance. I’m currently a licensed financial broker, painter, and certified to teach yoga. I am eager to pass on the joy that yoga brought me growing up, and now into my adult life.

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Jamie Parnum (Arizona)

Jamie Parnum holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance and has over twenty-five years of dance and teaching experience. She founded and directed Soaring Spirit Dance Studio & Ministry from 1996-2009 in San Jose, California. Jamie loves helping others discover the joy of dancing. She has choreographed more than one hundred dances and has taught classes and workshops for children, adults and seniors. Jamie and her students have presented dance in churches, rest homes, weddings, memorial services, and recitals. Jamie enjoys helping students improve their dance skills while having fun!


Kimberley Flores (Wyoming)

Hi there, my name is Kimberley Flores. I am currently a yoga and fitness instructor. Right now, I teach yoga, water aerobics and water yoga classes locally in my community. I’m looking to expand my current classes offered and find new, exciting opportunities within my career field. I am certified in Prenatal Yoga and that is one of my biggest passions. Another huge piece of my heart goes to working with children. I started coaching a small dance team 6 years ago after I graduated high school and haven’t stopped finding ways to continue working with our youth ever since. I’ve taught dance classes for age 3 through 18 years old. I’ve taught music with me classes for those under 3 years of age. I worked as a high school mentor for 2 years at my old high school. I’m currently substitute teaching occasionally for my local school district grades K-12. I teach senior yoga and exercise classes at a gym in my community. I truly just love working with people and children. My biggest motivator is helping others feel good in their own body. I’m a military spouse and mother of one beautiful little boy. My family means absolutely everything to me. I spent some time as a stay at home mom and realized after about a year of doing so that I still need and want to have a career doing what I love and it makes me both a better mom and wife. I hope to be able to continue spreading the knowledge and skills that I have to help others and bring some happiness to people through movement and exercise.


Skyler Scott (Colorado)

Hi I'm Skyler. I have worked with children and education for over the past 14 years. My degree is in Multicultural Education & Performing Arts, and I hold a certificate in Cultural Diversity from the University of Colorado. I also have had a professional career in the arts over many years, as a trained vocalist, dancer, actress and have been with multiple talent agencies, as well as acting troupes and artist residencies. I adore children, the arts and having a great time combining them. I love having meaningful and fun times with children, as my most recent position was a Children's Site Director. I look forward to all the fun we will have, and the magic to be had

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Jule Lane (Pennsylvania)

My name is Jule Lane and I am a 27-year-old yoga educator and business owner. My introduction to the world of arts & fitness began as a competitive Irish Step Dancer throughout my childhood and teenage years. After an ankle injury that halted my competitive career, I taught and choreographed Irish Step Dance performances at my local dance school in NJ for the ages of 4-13. In College, I received my bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, focusing primarily on Indian Traditions & Yoga Philosophy. My relationship with yoga was born in the classroom and continued within the studio as I found methods of productive and gentle healing from my dancing injury. The benefits I gained from yoga- physical, emotional, and spiritual- lead me to become a yoga teacher in order to pay forward the life-changing aspects yoga had gifted me through consistent and dedicated practice. I opened Jule Lane Yoga LLC in 2021 to work privately with clients looking for a lifestyle change and to improve general health. My sessions and classes are fueled with the understanding that yoga is for every body and every mind, despite physical or developmental limitations. As an educator, I believe in providing students with tools that facilitate creative and insightful growth for the body and mind. My core intention and goal is to co-create a sense of tangible compassion and patience through the practice of yoga on the mat in order for my students to approach life’s harsher obstacles “off the mat” with confidence, grace, and strength. I teach yoga as a form of art in which our body is the catalyst to understand, express, refine and re-find the Self.


Justine V Magnusson (Pennsylvania)

Justine Magnusson earned her BFA in acting from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She has performed on the National Tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Whistle Down the Wind and she originated the role of Sue in the world premiere of Home Street Home by NOFX frontman Mike Burkett and Avenue Q  Jeff Marx. Justine has performed in several new musicals at the New York Musical Festival and at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Centre. Justine played Stella Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire and Nellie Ewell in Summer and Smoke at the MS Delta Tennessee Williams Festival. She has previously served as the festival’s music supervisor, and composed original music based on the works of Tennessee Williams. This year Justine will serve as the festival’s Artistic Coordinator. Justine taught acting at The Arts Effect and GoodCap Arts in NYC. She also teaches at Griot Arts program for youth in MS. Justine just released her debut EP of original music, “One Less Person”, available now on all streaming platforms.

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Kaitlin Spencer (SouthCarolina)

Katie is a Performing Arts major from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has partnered with countless productions in directing and student directing, costuming, stage managing, and performing. She has extensive training in various acting technique as well as over a decade of vocal training. She also has worked as a face painter and body artist for about 7 years. Having gotten her degree from an arts college, she has schooling in various areas of artist technique and application.


Jennifer Cunningham (Colorado)

Jennifer Cunningham is a lifelong artist and art lover creating work in a variety of applications and media, including paintings (acrylic and oils), fashion accessories, illustrations, special effects makeup, body painting, and murals. She lives in the Denver area with her teenager and two goofy dogs, drawing inspiration from the mountains and the cosmos.

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Antoinette Sirianni (New Jersey)

I am an accomplished environmental artist with a masters degree who is active in global issues of single-use plastic reduction and awareness. Currently an adjunct professor at Rowan University, in Glassboro, NJ, teaching two advanced graphic design courses. Additionally, I teach painting classes and I was a Girl Scout leader for many years. I have 20+ years of Graphic Design agency and freelance experience so I know the business inside and out. My work is as unique as my experience, and will bring that joy to this position every day. See my website at

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Joe Svihel (Colorado)

Joseph Svihel, born and raised in Minnesota, began dancing at the age of 6 with Southwest School of Dance in Marshall, Minnesota - instructed by Charolette Wendle. Joe went on to attend an arts based magnet school in Minneapolis where he studied Acting, Poetry, Photography, Media Design, Video Editing, and Pottery. After school, Joe spent his time playing hockey, and taking dance classes at River Valley Dance Academy in Chaska, Minnesota. He studied Ballet, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Modern under the guidance of Kirsten Iiams, Gena Caughey Buckley, Michael Matthew-Ferrell, David Pellinen, and Rachel Svihel. Joe went on to graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Class of 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance - which allowed him the wonderful opportunity to perform at the American Dance Festival, in the summer of 2019, for their showing of Footprints where he danced Esplanade by Paul Taylor (re-staged by Michael Trusnovec). Joe has recently relocated to Denver, Colorado - where he aims to deepen his artistry in dance and his connection to the Earth.


Jennifer Coan (Colorado)

Hello, my name is Jennifer Coan. I have an associates in arts and have been doing art traditionally/digitally for over 10 years. Along with art I also have a passion for Japanese. Although I still have a long way to go to be fluent, just like art, I love the journey and can't wait to continue my path.


Kalyn Thompson (Arizona)

Before I learned to multiply, I knew my one true goal in life was to help others. For almost a decade now, I have served as a teacher in many areas. Beginning as an assistant in a preschool classroom and journeying all the way to a special education middle school teacher. I am now taking steps in a different direction as I begin to earn my yoga teacher credentials. I find working with children, people who may be disabled, the elderly, and other unique or sensitive populations to be incredibly liberating and also very intertwined with my purpose. I strive to make my teachings impactful, supportive, and maybe a little silly.


Micah Johnson (Georgia)

I am a passionate go getter. I love to inspire and water growing plants to become the beautiful, artistic, and unique flowers they will become. I believe I can learn something from others and it is a blessing to me to be able to provide them with a new form of knowledge at every age.


Alexandra Abi-Mikhael (Washington D.C.)

I am a Visual artist based out of the DMV area who teaches painting, ceramics, mixed media, and art history classes. I am a member of the DMV league of artists as well as an executive assistant and program director for the leagues art workshops and classes. I have been teaching for about 2 years now. I started doing paint and sip workshops with adults and then moved on to teaching afterschool enrichment programs and camps.

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John Viles (Maryland)

John Viles received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, MO 1980. He was awarded a scholarship to attend the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, MA 1979. He received his MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and was awarded the Head Teaching Assistantship, MI 1983. He has taught visual art for thirty years. Mr. Viles’ passion for teaching includes twenty Artist in Residency programs in public/private schools, five colleges, two art centers, three schools for students with disabilities and private studio classes. His artwork has been included in over seventy exhibitions and is in private collections in the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Western regions of the US and internationally. He is in the permanent collections of Herman Miller, MI, University of Maryland Global Campus, MD and the Ethniki Pinakothiki Museum, Athens, Greece. His travel journals include writing, drawing, painting and photography completed from direct observation. He journeyed to visit Chichen Itza, Mexico 1989. the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, 1990, Baltimore’s Sister City Program in Piraeus, Greece, 1995, Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan 1999 and Bangkok and Chang Mai Thailand, 2003-2004. He received the Jurors Choice Award by Ned Rifkin, Director of the Hirshhorn Museum, MD 1988, a grant from Loyola University for a production of Tarantella, MD 1990, a Visual Arts Grant from the Howard County Center for the Arts, MD 1990, awarded nineteen Artist-in-Residency grants by the Maryland State Arts Council, MD 1990-2001, a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award in Sculpture, MD 2001, a Public Art Grant at the Roland Park Country School, MD 2001-2002, awarded the Governor’s Honorable Mention Award, MD 2017 and an Award and Honorarium at Johns Hopkins University, MD 2019.

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Federica Rizzo (California)

Professional dancer, choreographer and dance educator. In 2014 she graduated with a certificate of Excellence at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. She specialized in hip hop, commercial and heels. She can teach to different ages and levels.


Zachary Horvitz (Colorado)

Zachary Horvitz was born in France to American parents. He is the author of three self-published volumes of poetry. Most recently he has studied at Naropa University, focusing on Religious Studies. He has interned at his alma mater, Newton North High School, teaching poetry, and spent one summer offering a theatre workshop at Sainte Anne University, Nova Scotia. While his primary interest is poetry, Zachary has cultivated a love for many forms of literature and creative arts that he hopes to continue to share.

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Adam J Bucholz (California)

I have over 3 years of teaching related experience in art, with a focus on Multi-media, Found Objects, Expressionism and Abstraction and sustainable practices. I have spent over 2 years in teaching Art specifically. I also have been working as a Drum and percussion teacher for 5 years, Customer Service, Retail and Theater Host for 10+ years now. Art has been my main focus for personal growth over the last few decades and I am excited to be able to pass that knowledge along to anyone who is looking to expand their horizons as an artist. Outside of teaching, my talents in the workforce have always been retail and customer service related. I currently work in a small Hollywood movie theater as an all-around Host, as well as a Theater Tech at the Griffith Observatory Planetarium. I have been slowly making my way out of the Movie/Theater side of things and really focus my energy on solely Art and Music. My passions lie in creativity and giving that to others to experience can only be a bonus in something that truly has no wrong answers.

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Jarrell Pittman (Maryland)

Hailing from PG county, born and bred, Jarrell Tha Griot (gree-o) uses his artistry to emphasize the importance of embracing and diving deep into the figurative pages of our own stories. He adopted the name because a griot is a storyteller sharing the culture and history of a people through the spoken word. He prides himself in that. In doing so, finding the elements of those stories which, we as people, are to offer as lessons to the world.
As an emcee, Jarrell has performed in numerous showcases up and down the east coast. He placed 2nd in the Who's Got Next? showcase in DC and placed first in the Coast to Coast live showcase in DC which offered him the opportunity to compete nationally in Miami, Fl.
As an educator, Jarrell dedicated his daytime work to elementary education teaching Kindergarten and First Grade begoring transitioning into program coordinating and instructing for an arts non-profit.


Lee Ji H (Colorado)

Taylor Quill has been with Future Hearts, Minds & Dreamers from the very beginning. After many yI am pursing my goal as an educator and even attending to school at the moment for my bachelors for 3D animations. I've also had experience teaching EMT specialties and guides to High schoolers who wishes to pursue that position in the future. I do have experience teaching subjects other than medical such as Geology, Mathematic, and history, but as a tutor.ears of experience as a professional throughout the industry, we’re thrilled to have their expertise as our Intermediate Course Instructor.

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Matthew Hunter Carbaugh (Maryland) 

Hello, my name is Matthew Hunter Carbaugh. For as long as I can remember art has been my lifelong devotion, a catharsis, and a gateway of interest into other academic subjects such as history, math, and science. Hard work and dedication along with a gold key from Scholastic Arts in highschool spearheaded my advancement into Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in 3D Animation. From there, I worked at a number of unpaid and paid internships, as well as freelance work on music videos, and several commissioned pieces of portrait art. I found a niche for myself making a living serving tables, while endeavoring aesthetic pursuits with a more personal level of discretion. I now find my passion in art as a main career in inspiring the same inspiration and work ethic I have for art in the next generation though companies like Art With a Heart, and Future Hearts Minds & Dreamers.

AlisonTalvacchio_Headshot (2).jpg

Alison Talvacchio (Colorado)

Alison Talvacchio is an actor, dancer, teaching artist, and administrator. She is brand new to Colorado, having just spent a year teaching and creating theater in Austin, TX. Previously she resided in Washington, DC, where she was a founding member and lead teacher with ReVision dance company, the modern dance company in residence at Dance Place. She also taught and choreographed for several years at Imagination Stage, a children’s theater in Maryland. Alison is a proud graduate of the Catholic University of America’s Drama Department.


Valerie Traficante (Colorado)

Beginning with my High School years at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, I have had the pleasure of working as both a solo and collaborative classical pianist, as a theater and independent film director, as a writer of both scripts and screenplays and for the last 12 years as the Artistic Director of Off Broadmoor Productions and Off Broadmoor Community Theatre. Our productions include actors of all ages with a diverse range of experience working together to create a world of imagination on stage and in our independent films.

I also hold a Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music. 

Kitty Conlon.jpeg

Kitty Conlon (California)

My name is Kitty Conlon, I am a lifelong dancer and performing arts professional with a background in science. I bring a multicultural perspective and over 8 years of experience in the arts education field to my practice. I earned my master's degree in dance education from NYU Steinhardt, am an ABT Certified Teacher, and an alumn of Luna Summer Institute. Additionally, I have worked as a bilingual elementary school teacher for the past 2 years and hold California multiple subject and bilingual authorization credentials.

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Autumn Strawderman (Virginia)

Autumn Strawderman is a native to Alexandria, VA with a passion for health, wellness, and fitness. She grew up playing softball her entire life and played Fastpitch all the way up to college. She easily shifted her background of pitching over to boxing and works for a nationally recognized boxing club. Staying active is a huge part of her life, especially as she is mother to two! She discovered yoga and sound meditation at the beginning of the pandemic and it has drastically changed her life and life’s purpose. She loves to teach children and adults how implementing a yoga practice can also change their life, not only physically but mentally as well. She believes yoga and sound meditation can help others find their true purpose, whatever it may be! When she is not practicing or teaching yoga, you can find her boxing in the gym, trail running with her dogs, on the softball field, and most importantly on the bleachers cheering on her kids!


Lindsy Hall (Colorado)

Hello! Welcome to Hall Healing Art, my name is Lindsy Hall. I studied Fine Art at IPFW from 2004 through 2006. I have been practicing art since the age of 11. Pottery, painting, and sewing are three of my favorite skills that I have cultivated over the years. I create art to heal, express ideas, and to meditate. I studied Massage Therapy at Ivy Tech in 2008 and continued through 2010. In 2012 I developed a passion for yoga and completed a Hatha 200 Yoga Alliance RYT Yoga training certification. In 2018 I went on to complete a Hatha 300 RYT Yoga Alliance Yoga training certification. Although completing my yoga training in Hatha Yoga I have experienced teaching Childrens Yoga, Vinyassa Flow, Yin, Restorative, Heated, Power, and Slow Flow. I have developed an appreciation for chanting, as well as meditation and have taught both as a method of healing. In 2013 I began learning The Art of Reiki. In 2018 I finished my Reiki Master course and went on to teach Reiki to others. Reiki healing has been a wonderful compliment to my experiences in Massage Therapy and Yoga. I am able to use all three tools to create a wonderful healing experience!


Katie Lee (Texas)

Katie Lee loves to teach yoga and exercise classes. She is very positive, motivated, enthusiastic and reliable. She loves to work with groups of people at all levels and help them feel successful and accomplished. She is a mom to a daughter and 2 sons and enjoys spending time with them and her sweet dog.


Quatondra Holleman (Texas)

I’m a creative dance choreographer and dancer with 7+ years of experience and a proven knowledge of instructional techniques, performance evaluation, and adaptive teaching methods. Aiming to leverage my skills to successfully fill the Dance Choreographer role at your company.


Helen Hieble (Pennsylvania)

Helen Hieble is a teacher with over three years of teaching experience teaching school age children. She is an author of fantasy and children's picture books. She has an Individual Bachelor of Arts degree in Fantasy Literature and Disability Studies. She is patient, kind, caring, and loves to learn as much as she loves to teach. When she's not writing fantasy, she spends her free time watching anime or playing video games. She believes that ideas for stories can come from anywhere and she loves the idea of helping others' find their voice, no matter what creative form that may take.


DeAngela Jones (Texas)

Hello, my name is DeAngela Jones. Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed different sports and activities. In high school I did cheer, track, hip hop team, and ROTC (military training). Even after high school, I have maintained my hobbies in different ways. Now, as a tutor, I enjoy teaching academia and extracurricular activities.


Andy Serrano (California)

I teach Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, Chair Fitness, Belly & Salsa Dancing. I also lead group hikes for the Sierra Club. I taught science in middle school for three years for LAUSD.


Daryan Paradise (Texas)

Hi my name is Daryan Paradise. Art has been my passion since I was a child. I graduated from University of Houston with a bachelors of Art with a minor of Education. I taught Art after school and in the summer with a nonprofit organization called City Art works. The last two years I’ve taught Art in an elementary setting. I really have a love for teaching and helping students express their creativity.


Michelle Leisy (Colorado)

Michelle Leisy is in her 9th year as a theatre teacher and director. She has a B.A. in Musical Theatre from The University of Northern Colorado and an M.A. in Applied Theatre from The City University of New York. Michelle taught theatre and directed previously at Sky Vista Middle School (Aurora, CO), Legend High School (Parker, CO), Democracy Prep Charter High School (Harlem, NY), The East Harlem School at Exodus House (Harlem, NY), as well as a variety of New York City Public Schools as a teaching artist. Some of her past directing credits include: The Addams Family (SVMS), Love/Sick (Legend), Urinetown (Legend), The Magical Land of OZ (Inspire-PACE), Freaky Friday (Inspire-PACE), The Addams Family (Parker Performing Arts), The Sound of Music (Legend), Into The Woods (Legend), Almost, Maine (Legend), Bye Bye Birdie (Inspire-PACE), Fiddler on the Roof (Legend), The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 (Legend), Aida, Emotional Creature, Once On This Island Jr., and Annie Jr. (NYC)


Monifa Wilson (Maryland)

I consider myself a person with many diverse interests, and as a result, a lifelong learner. I completed the Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 and received training in how to manage a yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness. I became certified because I knew from experience, as a licensed therapist, that talk therapy was insufficient. I have exercised most of my life and saw, firsthand, how movement helped me relieve stress. I simply wanted to pass on the gift of exercise to people struggling with mental health issues.
I am passionate about working with kids and young adults and have directed my talents and skills to helping this age group. I have, however, worked with all age groups so am open to working with elders. I


Sara Yanney (Colorado)

Sara Yanney MFA, GL-CMA, CET, AmSAT, MA, LPCC, R-DMT (she/her/hers) is a Dance/Movement educator, choreographer, Dance Theatre performer and Dance/Movement Therapist based in Boulder, CO. She is the artistic director of The =ibrium Dance Project, founded in 2012, which has shown work in CO, IL, IN, MI, NJ, NM, NY, OH, UT, and WI and internationally in Canada and Haiti. She has performed with the Bill Evans Dance Company, Blue Tribe African Dance Company, Blythe Edens Dance Company, Indy Convergence, Gran Lakou Haitian Folkloric Dance Company, The New Mexico Contemporary Dance Alliance, Motus Dance Theatre, SMAG Dance Collective, and Wellspring/Cori Terry & Dancers. Sara has served on faculty at Ball State University, Anderson University, and Utah Valley University, was the founder/director of Jump Into Motion Dance Academy, which offered affordable dance and movement education to children at their schools and daycares in the Indianapolis and Kalamazoo areas for over 10 years, and is certified in the Bill Evans Method of Teaching Laban/Bartenieff-Based Modern Dance Technique. Sara is an AmSAT certified Alexander Technique Teacher, she received her GL-CMA (Graduate Laban-Certified Movement Analyst) from Columbia College Chicago, and her MFA in Performing Arts: Dance at the Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she was a recipient of the Chancellors Graduate Student Award, and received her BA in Dance from the University of New Mexico in 2003 with departmental honors and received the Friends of Dance Scholarship, The Provost Award for Artistic and Academic Achievement, The Bill Evans Dance Teachers Intensive Scholarship, and the Barbara Kiker Award for Excellence in Dance. Sara is also received her MA in Somatic Counseling: Dance/Movement Therapy from Naropa University where she was a recipient of a Graduate Honors Scholarship and the Victoria “Tori” Wolf Capron Scholarship.


Aja Staten (Pennsylvania)

I have trained in musical theater and performed for about 10 years. Aside from performing, I also have experience in costume and fashion designing. I am currently getting my BFA in Musical Theater at University of the Arts. During my junior and senior years as a theater major at Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts, I had the opportunity to teach underclassmen as well as direct and produce my own artistic pieces. These experiences have not only amplified my love for theater, but they have taught me the importance of collaboration, patience, time management and communication. Though I don't have much experience in teaching theater, it has always been my passion to direct and guide students towards embracing the intelligence and beauty that they possess through performing. While I adore both musical theater and working with children, I hope to introduce the beauty, joy and overall fun of performing arts to younger generations.


Tara Cutner (Arizona)

Just relocated to AZ for advanced yoga teacher training school, I am a veteran looking to work with all levels to bring movement to the body and in some cases release trauma through motion.

Profile Picture.jpg

Megan Gerst (Virginia)

Megan Gerst is a working artist who has enjoyed creating art for as long as she can recall. From making art in her parents kitchen to working in studios, she has held onto her passion and strives to help others find their own passion for the arts. She holds a B.S. in biology and is currently working on a pursuing a masters degree in art therapy. She values helping others and is an advocate for mental health. Through her passion of art she wants teach others how important creativity is and how they can use it for both play and their wellbeing.


Orianna Brunson (Maryland)

Hello all! I have a passion for children! I want to see them grow into who they are called to be! It is an honor to assist with that. I worked as an Acting Enrichment Teacher at Village Learning Place. I was a Teacher's Assistant there as well. I did Camp Counseling at Alive Arts Summer Camp. This gave me the experience and the opportunity to work with kids and inspire them to be the best versions of themselves!


Andrew Marshall (Washington D.C.)

I've been cooking for over 10+ years my style of cooking is flavorful, out of the ordinary, creative, fun, and bold. My specialties are southern, Caribbean, American, brunch, Ethiopian, and Asian. My bubbly personality shows in every dish I create you will taste the difference in my food. I'm very versatile in everything that I do I worked in lots of different restaurants, schools, sports arenas, and catering companies. I currently work as a private chef. My teaching style is the easier the better. I like to work with beginners. I'm very patient and understanding of what it takes to teach. I take my time to get to know everyone strengths and weaknesses and based my lessons around that. I will also show the importance of food safety and how to avoid food contamination.


Sarah Axelrod (Arizona)

Sarah Axelrod is a filmmaker, writer, director and actor living in Tucson, Arizona. She possesses an MFA from Florida State University from the School of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts and a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre and English Literature. She has been working in the industry for 20 years and teaching for equally as long. She loves more than anything to share her skills and talent with people of all ages.


Amber Butler (Colorado)

Hello! My name is Amber Butler, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and have two years of teaching experience at the Gunnison Art Center. I do not remember a time in my life where I have not been drawn to the arts. I initially went into college with the intention of getting my degree in Elementary Education however I found my true passion in the complexity of fine arts. My passion for teaching never went way and was nurtured at the Gunnison Art Center where I led and taught countless classes to children ages 3-17. Classes ranged from a Peter Pan art camp to Intermediate drawing where students recreated a photo of their choice using the skills they had learned in the class. I have always been passionate about children learning and enjoying the arts and I have always found understanding and peace within the exploration of your imagination.


Melissa Colwell (Virginia)

Hi, my name is Mel and I am 28 years old. I am originally from Long Island, NY but have recently settled in Northern Virginia. I have been teaching yoga, group exercise and personal training for about five years and have experience with a wide range of ages and fitness levels. I have a passion for working with beginners because I love to help people find movement that they love. I truly believe there is not right or wrong way to move; there is only what is safe and beneficial to you in this present moment. Additionally, I specialize with aging populations as well as individuals with medical complexities. I strive to make wellness accessible to all by creating a judgement-free environment where all can practice self-love, mindfulness, and most importantly fun!

AMBER (1).jpg

Amber Watkins-Olpin (Utah)

Amber Watkins-Olpin began her dance training in Northern Utah at the age of three, and continued her passion by attending the University of Utah, where she received her BFA in Modern Dance. She went on to co-artistically direct Hawk & Sparrow Movement-- a mixed-media dance duo--producing, performing, and choreographing at venues within the Salt Lake Valley. As a collaborative/independent artist/choreographer, she has performed for/with artist's such as Ashley Mott, Utah Arts Alliance, Meg Hinds, and Dance Collective. Her love for movement has led her to teach dance to children and adults within her community for 20 years, focusing on internal and interpersonal expression as the main voice of her work. Recently, Amber became certified in Pilates by DK Body Balancing (UNLV) in Las Vegas. She is a member of YPAD ( Youth Protection Advocates in Dance), a certified yoga instructor from Eastwest Somatics, where she has also completed her last level to become a RMT (Register Movement Therapist), and RSMT ( Registered Somatic Movement Therapist.).


Dorailiana Ledesma (Arizona)

Dorailiana Ledesma is a graduate from ASU with a Creative Writing degree. She likes to laugh but her writing consists of horror and realism. She is the byproduct of a married couple, but can get along with orphans and children of divorce. She is also currently getting offers by big publishing houses like Penguin Random House, but anything is possible when she lies. Truthfully, she has been published but chooses to hide it to really fit the trope of a struggling writer. However, behind the façade she hopes to write a graphic novel one day. She wants to hone her drawing skills before beginning that process. For now, she is navigating through the waters of her fiction world and her newfound passion for poetry.


Rob Balsewich (Colorado)

Hello! My name is Rob Balsewich. I am an acrylic painter and digital artist from Chicago, Illinois and based in Boulder, Colorado. I graduated from University of Colorado Boulder in August 2021 with a BA in Art Practices and Psychology. I have always had a passion for knowledge and inspiring others to grow, learn, and follow their dreams. During my undergraduate, I tutored my fellow students in a plethora of subjects and I even hosted my own weekly radio show. When I'm not painting or teaching, I love to listen to music and play the drums!


Amanda Gibson (Utah)

I believe in the power of healing through yoga. I have seen lives transformed, including my own, through movement and meditation. Teaching is my passion and I love helping students feel confident and strong in their bodies. Yoga is powerful and sharing it with others brings me so much joy and fulfillment.


Rebecca Wakim (California)

Rebecca Wakim is a Lebanese interdisciplinary visual artist and a recent MFA graduate from Tufts University in Boston. She received her B.A. in Studio Arts from the American University of Beirut in 2019, where her main focus has since been on the unjust political system in Lebanon and the repercussions it has had on its people. She combines reality and philosophic understanding to imagine a utopic future. Her work switches between ceramics, photography and sculpture as she is constantly in between Lebanon and Boston navigating the different ways to bring forth these raising issues. She has always had a passion for teaching and began to do so at a young age when she tutored children in her community village back home. Having the responsibility to nurture students and be part of their creative growth is a fulfilling gift that she takes very seriously.


Cydney Bittner (Pennsylvania)

As a child growing up in the tranquility of suburban Bucks County, Pennsylvania, I constantly found joy and comfort in fantasy media. Inspired by the fantasy artists and illustrators whose work I loved growing up, I am motivated to create work that brings that same excitement to children (and grown-ups) as my heroes’ work brought me.
This motivation took me to New York, where I received a B.A. in Studio Art and Illustration & Animation from Marymount Manhattan College. I worked for five years as a teacher and creative assistant with Art in the Barn by Cynthia Scott, a local business in Bucks County that hosts a variety of art classes for all ages and art camps for children. In my experience teaching art, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of imagination; I strive to nurture that critical part of the human psyche in my work as an instructor and as an artist. I started working as an illustrator with Red Penguin Books in 2021. My recent credits with them include "Libby the Ladybug Learns Helpfulness," written by Carly Furino, which was published in February 2022 and "George the Alligator" by Margaret Sansom which will be available in July 2022.

updated professional photo Adeboyejo.jpeg

Justine Adeboyejo (California)

Justine Adeboyejo is a painter and licensed early childhood educator from Chicago, IL currently living in Los Angeles, CA. She has seven years of classroom teaching experience in both traditional and non-traditional settings and received her masters in education in 2015. She is a self-taught painter and has shown works in galleries in Chicago, California and across the United States.

Wa Shan Yeung.jpg

Wa Shan Yeung (California)

As a graduate of CSM. (Central Saint Martins University of Arts) with a B.A. in Fashion Design ( UK ) and Master Degree in Art Theory, Marketing and Management in ( HKPU ). My nearly 27 years of experience with Art & design teaching & a vital working experiences in Hong Kong Design Institute, Academy of Art University, The primary school & EPACENTER in San Francisco had obtained the strong background in the design area
My teaching methodology has been designed to achieve by promoting student’s interests by using technologies at class, using project-based with small groups interactive learning. Children’s through the learning can able be creative & express themselves completely in order to learn different art techniques.
Administration work such as New course development, Curriculum writing including not less than preparation and delivery of course materials, supervision of students projects, seminar, exhibition coordinate, short course development and other academic activities.
I customize each student to work with their strengths meanwhile helping them to identify and work through their weaknesses. Each teaching methodology is based around a goal of the student sets, whether that is to be able to solve a specific type of problem or to help student skills enjoy their life of design path.
I am a professional, good communicator, positive thinking, warm, accessible, good work ethic, enthusiastic and a team player. I like to use simple language in a very lively way so that my students get familiar and enjoy their presence with heart during everyday class.


Nix ZimLaw (California)

I am a passionate, caring person who wishes to do what I love and fill my life with positivity. I have had training in competitive dance, musical theatre, acting, film, visual arts, and writing. Growing up, since age 7, I have been involved in school productions, community productions, and competitive dance. As an adult, I pursued my passion by getting a college certificate in Acting through the prestigious school AMDA. I worked with industry professionals in LA and NYC in an intensive program for 2 years. It shaped me as an artist in a lot of ways. Currently, I am following my love for film at CSULB and practicing dance on my own. Throughout my life, I have relied on writing and visual arts as an outlet for myself, and honed those skills as well. I have dedicated my life to the arts, because it is truly what I love, and what I wish to share with others.


Amanda Jo Reisenweber (Colorado)

Amanda Jo comes with 30+ years of experience in entertainment, performance and teaching with a background in theatre, music, dance, writing and youth programs. She makes learning and creating together interesting, engaging and inclusive with a focus on celebration of effort and the power of the joy that comes from connecting through art.

Smiling Businessman

Brena Thomas (New Jersey)

Brena Thomas (Chicago, IL) began dancing at the Sammy Dyer Dance Theatre in 2005 and started her formal training at Chicago High School for the Arts under the direction of Lisa Johnson Willingham. After graduating from “Chi-Arts,” she received a scholarship to attend Alonzo King Lines Ballet and Ballet Austin. Ms. Thomas also trained as a scholarship student at Dance Theatre of Harlem and The Ailey School. She has performed works by Gregory Dawson, Aubrey Lynch, Ray Mercer, Brice Mousset, Leyland Simmons, Francesca Harper, William Forsythe, Andrea Miller, and Bradley Shelver, and she was a guest artist for South Chicago Dance Theatre and Francesca Harper Project. Ms. Thomas also appeared in the FX hit series POSE. She’s also a former member of Ailey II and currently dancing with PHILADANCO!


Caroline Bedenbaugh (Florida)

Hi! My name is Caroline Bedenbaugh. I love art, cats, and watching movies! Ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in creating things. Whether it was a science project, a pillow fort, a drawing, or a story, the creative process has always kept me curious and excited to learn more. I went to college and majored in Graphic Design and minored in Art History (as well as Political Science). I was so excited when what I was learning about in one of my Political Science classes correlated with what I was learning about in my History of Photography course. I think this stems from my interest in the way people all throughout history have used art to process their feelings about what is going on in the world around them. Because of my interest in graphic arts, people, and history, I have also done research on LGBTQ+ design. I used this research to enhance my senior project in college when I designed the entire branding for a queer café! I think there is something really special about using historical design references to pay homage to the people before us, when trying to create spaces for communities of people today. I am also a self-taught screen-printer. I design on paper or on a computer, and am able to transform it through screen-printing into a cool t-shirt or bag for myself and my friends. I have hopes to learn how to use a professional screen printing process and make multicolored shirts one day! But for now, I take great pride in being able to show my friends how to transform their ideas into wearable reality. I am learning how to sew, and have plans to learn how to throw on a pottery wheel! Thanks for reading about me!


Yanninia Marie Madigan (Arizona)

My name is Yanninia, and I am an artist living in the desert of Arizona. I consider myself an aimless wanderer in search of what it means to be human. I seek to explore the darkness within us, the struggles that we all face, and the very nature of humanity.
A handful of my pieces are created using 19th-century photographic processes, as I sometimes find the digital medium to be simply too cold and unfeeling. To me, there is just something so special and human about using your hands to create, and by utilizing the darkroom I can be personally, humanly involved in creating each of my pieces.
I hope you will join me on my quest to understand what it means to be human, and my own struggles with darkness. My hope is that together we can find a way to make it to tomorrow.

profile photo - nyah n.jpg

N'yah Nock (North Carolina)

I’m N’yah, a nonbinary freelance creative from North Carolina. I specialize in photography, graphic design, and writing. I hope to inspire those around me to be passionate and express themselves through creativity!


Emma Landau (North Carolina)

Emma is an avid practitioner of holistic medicine and Yoga therapy. With a commitment to the breadth and depth of traditional medicine, Emma supports patients in a range of health concerns specializing in digestive disorders, allergies, metabolic imbalances, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, skin disorders, stress, anxiety, and depression, menstrual disorders, hormone balance and menopause, and postpartum care. 
By invoking the time-tested methods of a whole foods diet, lifestyle shifts, herbal medicines, detox therapies and guiding patients towards their own inner wisdom and healing capacity, patients address acute and chronic conditions alike.
Emma holds a BSc from Cornell University, is a member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and is certified AyurYoga®️ instructor and Core-Synchonism®️ practitioner. Her Ayurvedic training includes practitioner and graduate-level studies under reknowned author and teacher Vasant Lad, BAMS from the Ayurvedic Institute and continued studies at The Arogya Center in Albuquerque, NM.


Christian Gibson (Florida)

Hello! My name is Christian, I am an art professional who has studied at USF for several years. I have been to many places around the world including South Korea. I believe that I can provide a new experience to those within my tutelage. Having it be fun and exciting!


Averie Lockhart (Utah)

Hello there! My name is Averie and I am very excited to see this opportunity and would absolutely love to be considered! Throughout my entire life, I have always been very creative and insightful! I’ve been drawing, painting, crafting, and any other creative outlet since I was a kid and I have a very strong artistic eye and background. I am very familiar with traditional art and working with acrylic, watercolor, and oil paints! I am also very comfortable working with children, I am currently a teacher aide and have come to love interacting with kids of all age groups! I’ve been wanting to teach art for a while now and this seems like a perfect opportunity!


Heather Gunderson (Utah)

Background includes dance performance, recital planning, performance management and classroom instruction. Passionate about instilling a love of dance in children, as well as techniques and strength for long- term benefits. Skilled multitasker with superior work ethic and good teamwork, problem-solving and organizational skills. Willing to take on any task to help the team. Reliable and dedicated team player with hardworking and resourceful approach.


YiJing Wang (Florida)

I am YiJing, I from China and I am currently live at Clearwater. My hobby includes wool felt, animal drawing and painting. I am an outdoor woman who loves fish, reptiles, and amphibians the most.


Miranda Snead (Utah)

My name is Miranda Snead and I’ve been in Salt Lake City, Utah for two years now. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with an International Studies bachelor's degree in 2020, I decided to move out west to try something new, explore and grow. I live a very active lifestyle and do my best to love and have fun with everything I do. Professionally, I have a diverse resume with a strong background in service roles and working with kids. Working with kids was one of my first passions. I’ve had amazing opportunities working with kids of all ages in various settings which has led me to grow as a teacher and role model. It’s important to me that I can provide kids with a safe place to learn about themselves and the world through hands-on activities and experiences. I’m confident in my administrative and interpersonal skills to carry out any job as well as the positivity and creativity I add to every work environment. I’m looking to be challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone to keep learning and make meaningful connections.


Kailey Corprew (Colorado)

Kailey is a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher.) that has been involved with stretch and movement since she was 4 years old. Much of her early relationship with fitness involved learning how to push her body, not always in the most mindful and conscious ways. She discovered yoga in 2016, when she finally honored her body’s desire to restore. She hopes to hold an encouraging and transformative space that offers growth and reflection. She allows students to take the challenge of nurturing their bodies and minds through conscious movement.
Kailey was born and raised in Dallas, Texas where she spent her time running and cheerleading. After moving to Colorado in 2018 to attend CSU, she fell in love with Fort Collins! She spends her spare time reading, hiking and birdwatching.

Cameron Murphy Headshot (2) (1).jpg

Patrick "Cameron" Murphy (California)

My name is Patrick “Cameron” Murphy (I go by Cameron) and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated magna cum laude with a BA from the University of Louisville. I majored in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis on Philosophy, Sociology, Theatre Arts (I designed my major, “Art and Activism”), and minored in Creative Writing. Through high school and college I performed in rock bands, performance art, and acted and directed theatre. I am also a published writer, with non-fiction and short fiction published in several print and online literary journals. In high school, I published a play in the Actors Theatre of Louisville New Voices Anthology. Additionally, my short film Body of Water was a semi-finalist in the Manhattan Film Festival.


Tara Lemons (Utah)

Tara enjoyed a professional dance career in New York, Las Vegas, Japan, and Utah, dancing as soloist with Utah Regional Ballet and numerous contemporary companies. While in New York, she trained under Frank Hatchett, performing with his dancers in various commercial and industry shows. During her time as Dance Director for a local arts high school, she was voted Teacher of the Year by her students multiple times. Tara earned a BA from Weber State University, achieving Outstanding Graduate Dancer and earning two of the University’s most prestigious awards—the Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities Scholarship and the AHA! Award. She has recently accepted a position as an adjunct professor of dance at WSU.


Elizabeth Christiansen (Utah)

My name is Elizabeth Christiansen - but you can call me Isi.
I'm a licensed massage therapist, yoga instructor, and NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I've been practicing and teaching yoga since 2016. My goal as a yoga teacher is two fold. I want to create a space where participants feel valued, loved, and accepted for who they are regardless of their life circumstances. And I want to provide a yoga practice that is accessible for each person participating. With these goals in mind, I have adapted my yoga teaching style to incorporate more functional movements in an effort to increase stability, core strength, and greater joint range of motion alongside mindfulness, meditation, and attention to the breath. Outside of yoga, I enjoy long walks with my three-legged dog Peggy, spending time with my husband, and learning and exploring new things.

Sierra June Christensen Headshot.jpg

Sierra June Christensen (Georgia)

Sierra Christensen discovered her love of acting at a young age in Puyallup, Washington when she wowed audiences in her elementary school production of "The Jungle Book" as Wolf #7. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a theatre degree in 2017, Sierra spent 2 years teaching theatre at Wasatch Elementary School in Provo, UT where she taught in 1st-6th grade classrooms and directed 5 fully mounted productions in a competitive after-school program. Sierra has had lots of experience working with youth and the arts outside the classroom as well as she has run 3 theatre summer camps, 1 scriptwriting camp, hosted pre-k story times, toured with a theatre for young audiences show, judged for junior high and high school theatre competitions and acted as an educational facilitator for the Atlanta History Center. Sierra is not only a teaching artist, she moved to Atlanta to pursue her film career in 2019, and has worked on several web series and short films in addition to 3 community theatre pieces. Sierra is passionate about theatre, film and storytelling and getting students engaged with the arts. She believes the arts, can help students learn confidence and team work, help process emotions and boost creativity! Outside of acting and teaching, Sierra loves to backpack, paddleboard and travel with her husband and Australian Sheppard Smokey!


Monifa Wilson (Maryland)

I consider myself a person with many diverse interests, and as a result, a lifelong learner. I completed the Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 and received training in how to manage a yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness. I became certified because I knew from experience, as a licensed therapist, that talk therapy was insufficient. I have exercised most of my life and saw, firsthand, how movement helped me relieve stress. I simply wanted to pass on the gift of exercise to people struggling with mental health issues.
I am passionate about working with kids and young adults and have directed my talents and skills to helping this age group. I have, however, worked with all age groups so am open to working with elders.